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Supplier Quality Requirements

All Approved external providers of product or services shall be required to meet the following requirements and shall understand BEI’s QMS requirements to AS9100 (current revision) concerning control of externally provided processes, products, and services.



  1. Provider is required to maintain control of quality records for a minimum of 7 years unless stated otherwise on PO.
  2. Provider shall provide/maintain measuring and test equipment required to assure conformance to BEI PO requirements along with a corrective action process to eliminate causes of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence.
  3. Provider shall provide verification of the product including objective evidence of product quality (C of C).
  4. Provider shall notify BEI in writing of any process/product changes that could impact form, fit or function and obtain BEI approval, and to also notify BEI in writing of any significant organizational or facility changes. Provider shall not ship any product that does not meet all drawing and PO requirements without prior written BEI approval.
  5. In the event that nonconforming product has been inadvertently shipped, provider shall notify BEI ASAP and obtain organization approval for nonconforming product disposition.
  6. BEI has the right of entry to all provider facilities to determine and verify product quality and accessibility to all quality records.
  7. Perishable material must be clearly identified with the date of manufacture and date of expiration and have at least 50% of shelf life remaining at time of delivery.
  8. Hazardous materials shall be clearly identified as such and the supplier shall provide safety data sheets with first delivery.
  9. Provider shall have a program in place to preclude, detect and remove any counterfeit product parts or materials.
  10. Product and materials shall be packaged using the best commercial practices to prevent damage, deterioration and degradation unless special packaging is noted on the PO.
  11. Provider shall have a process in place to assure FOD free products (foreign object debris) are delivered to BEI.
  12. Provider shall flow down the requirements of this specification along with any other requirements specified on the BEI PO as required to assure compliance with this process.
  13. Performance Criteria: Providers will be evaluated on Quality & OTD at a minimum and maintain a rating of 7 (out of 10). A rating of < 7 will result in a SCAR.
  14. Measurement equipment to be calibrated to manufacturer standards and in compliance with ISO 17025 latest revision
  15. Outsourced internal auditors require a valid auditor certificate