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BEI Electronics Quality Plan

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The requirement for a professional Quality Plan is paramount with any printed circuit board assembly house.  A contract manufacturer needs to use a quality plan as a road map to provide its customers with the highest quality PCBA or box build units.

BEI Electronics Quality Plan

Demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product and/or services that meet or exceed our customer and regulatory requirements.

Aims to enhance overall customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality system.

Aims to reduce variation in our procedures through process controls and consistent practices.

Continuous Improvement

  • Is a never ending journey
  • We reflect on the past and march forward towards the future
  • We learn along the way
  • Emphasis on Excellence!!!

Customer Satisfaction

  • Without our customers, we have no business and we have no TEAM!!!

Quality Objectives and Goals


  • Building it right the first time
  • Understand our role and responsibility in the process.
  • Because…rework creates unnecessary costs!

      Quality at the source

  • Control the inputs to the process
  • Control the process itself and monitor the output (consistent set-up and build practices)
  • Understand we have internal AND external customers
  • Take pride in our work!

Plan to improve our operations first by focusing on areas that need development and come up with ideas for overcoming obstacles.

Make changes designed to resolve deficiencies on a small or experimental scale first. This minimizes disruption to routine activity while testing our solutions..

Verify that any changes are achieving the desired result or not. BEI continuously monitors key inspection activities to maintain the quality of our output at all times, and this allows us to quickly identify and act on any new issues that may present themselves during the build.

Act to implement changes on a larger scale if the experiment is successful. This means making the changes a routine part of our process. Also Act to involve individuals (other departments, suppliers, or customers) affected by the changes and whose cooperation we need to implement them on a larger scale.  Share with those who may simply benefit from what we have learned (you may, of course, already have involved these people in the “Do” stage).

Quality AND Continuous Improvement must be EVERYONE’S job.


  • Offer their suggestions to improve the PROCESS.

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