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Today’s cutting edge products have tougher performance requirements than ever before. Testing in the EMS/Printed Circuit Board Assembly world is a critical step to ensure a quality product is delivered to the customer.

The trend in Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) technology is towards higher complexity with significantly more components and solder joints.   These extra components and solder joints mean many more defect opportunities, lower overall yields, and additional scrap.  Smaller components increase the challenge to correctly place them on the PCB.   Time to market pressures and requirements to ramp up volume necessitate  the need for a test and inspection strategy addressing all these trends.

From the most simple continuity / isolation test to a multi-phase test plan, BEI offers a full array of options to meet your product’s requirements.

  • Continuity / Isolation
  • Hi-Pot
  • Functional
  •  Agilent 3070 Series III ICT
  •  Takaya APT-9411E Flying Probe
  • Tescon Point 88 Manufacturing Defect Analyzer
  • Trek ICOM 5000 Ionic Contamination Testing
  • VJ Electronix X1550 X-Ray
  • 100% Unit Coverage
  • Sample In-Process Verification
  • Programming of JTAG, Flash & EEPROM Devices
  • Performance Data Logging

Let the BEI team sit down with to develop an all encompassing test strategy.