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Contract Manufacturing Customer Service

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As of this May, I will have been involved in the electronics industry for 30 years and I have seen many fads come and go. I believe the need for solid and reliable customer service will always be a staple of any business relationship. At BEI Electronics, LLC we believe that dependable customer service for a contract manufacturer involved in the printed circuit board assembly business is a key to success. It is largely assumed that Electronic Manufacturer Service providers are ISO certified and have the latest Surface Mount and Thru-Hole equipment. What often gets lost is providing customers with world class customer service and support. In today’s world of email and twitter, personal and direct communications are often forgotten.

At BEI Electronics, LLC, we pride ourselves in supplying our customers and partners with service excellence. We understand that we are your factory and we take that very seriously. Our customers trust us to help them service their customers. The BEI staff will work directly with you to understand what your needs are and we will develop individual plans designed specifically to fit your needs. Our industry proven engineering group will ensure that your bill of materials are rock solid and that your designs are optimal before we start the manufacturing process. Our best in class materials department will work with our proven vendor base to guarantee the component pipeline is rarely an issue. Our IPC Certified labor staff and quality control auditors work hand-in-hand to achieve industry best on time delivery and quality levels.

BEI has served customers not only in Wisconsin and Illinois, but all over the Great Lakes and Midwest, for over 25 years.  Every day our staff provides exceptional value for PCBA, Box Build, Conformal Coating, RoHS compliant, and IPC rated type designs.

Be it labor only or turnkey, our customers and partners look to BEI Electronics, LLC to offer flexibility to meet ever changing demands. The BEI customer service and sales staff are business veterans who know the ins and outs of the EMS industry. Give us a call at (262) 886-8800. We would love to discuss your application with you.

Kevin Rafferty
BEI Electronics, LLC