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Design For Electronics Manufacturing

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BEI has been assisting customers with Design For Manufacturing for over 20 years. By ensuring our customer’s printed circuit board assemblies follow the latest design guidelines and technologies we help reduce the risk of production problems down the road. As DFM is constantly evolving our engineers invest a great deal of time keeping up with the latest Printed Circuit Board Assembly trends and technologies in the Electronic Manufacturing Service industry.
The design stage is very important in product design. If DFM guidelines are not followed, it will result loss of manufacturing time and a delay in time to market. Since the design phase is the least expensive place to address potential Printed Circuit Board Assembly issue our technical staff will work with you to ensure potential problems are caught upfront.
Selecting a PCBA Contract Manufacturer is a critical decision. It is important to select an EMS provider who offers a complete solution from the initial printed circuit board NPI, to box build, to conformal coating. The BEI engineering team will take your complete documentation package consisting of the bill of material, assembly drawings, gerber files, schematics and CAD data and transform them into a final product built to your specifications.
We invite you to work with our PCB Design team to eliminate unnecessary board revisions that typically occurs when ramping up to production volume. BEI offers real world solutions and will review your overall budget for explore ways to save money on fabrication, assembly and test.
BEI is an Electronic Contract Manufacturer capable of producing simple to complex Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assemblies. We have positioned ourselves as a leading technical partner to major OEM’s in the electronic contract manufacturing industry meeting the needs of today’s electronic design engineers. BEI can provide a full spectrum of design and manufacturing services, from prototypes to volume box builds with full testing capabilities. We specialize in assembly of both Surface Mount and Thru-Hole PCB technology using state of the art precision placement machines for placing Ultra Fine Pitch devices, Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), and automated insertion of thru-hole components.