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ESD Protection For Printed Circuit Board Assemblies At BEI Electronics, LLC

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As we are well into the winter season it is important to discuss Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection.  At BEI Electronics, LLC our staff takes ESD protection very seriously.  We model our ESD program in accordance with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 Standard.  As the human body is an electrostatic generator it needs to discharge the electricity it generates to avoid damaging highly sensitive electronic components. An appropriate ESD program including the use of wrist straps, footwear and a proper flooring system can help dissipate electrostatic energy and contribute to a safer environment and more reliable products.


The negative impact of ESD can be staggering. Without proper ESD control measures, this invisible enemy can cause poor production yields and unreliable product performance.  It’s not necessarily the catastrophic damage that affects the electronics industry the most, it’s the latent failures that prematurely fail in the upcoming weeks, months, or years even after the product has been tested at your facility.  Many industry experts believe that ESD protective flooring in combination with proper ESD control footwear and wrist straps are the first line of defense against damage from ESD.


Static electricity is often caused by the movement of people and materials in the work environment. In fact, any relative motion and physical separation of materials can generate electrostatic charges. Examples include walking on a rug, pulling on scotch tape, exiting a car, or removing some types of plastic packaging.  The static electricity voltages will also soar during the winter months as the humidity levels drop so maintaining a proper humidification system inside your facility is very important as well.


The way to minimize ESD events is by implementing an ESD Control Program.   BEI Electronics relies on a static dissipative flooring/footwear and wrist strap system as an essential part of our ESD Control Program. The wrist strap, ESD work station, and flooring/footwear must work together not only to discharge static electricity from people, but also to limit the charge generation by people and mobile equipment.   Employees who work in our ESD protected areas are required to wear ESD smocks and static dissipative heel/wrist straps.  All guests to our facility are required to wear proper ESD protective smocks and footwear and are tested before being allowed on the BEI production floor.


Proper ESD protection is just one of the many ways BEI Electronics ensures a quality printed circuit board assembly is provided to our customers.  Give us a call at 262-886-800 to discuss your ESD program and how BEI Electronics can make your program even better.  Your assemblies are important to us!