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Selecting The Right PCB Assembly / EMS Provider

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Selecting a PCBA Contract Manufacturer is an important decision.  It is a marriage between two companies and it is essential that the relationship between the OEM and EMS provider is open and strong.  There are bound to be challenges but a strong partnership will always pull through.  It is critical that both parties have the same ultimate goal, providing a quality product that adds value for everyone involved.

There are many factors involved in selecting an EMS provider and it is important to decide upfront what is important for your company.  OEM’s should not look at just price, they need to look at the total proposition.  How will the contract manufacturer respond if there is a difficult issue?  Is there a system in place to support quick turn prototypes?  Is the Printed Circuit Board Assembly house flexible?  Does the PCB Contract Manufacturer act as a true partner?  Do they provide turn-key solutions and have the correct internal technical and commercial expertise skills and systems?

If an OEM shops strictly on price they could pay for it in the end.  The best CM’s have well established material pipelines and quality processes.  Low cost CM’s often drop their initial price but don’t have the correct systems in place.  They tend to pass on additional fees and charges resulting from unplanned events or problems.

The biggest EMS companies are not necessarily the best partners.  They often submit low pricing when they are hungry for business but then their interest may wane as time goes on.  Normally, OEM’s should look at who has the right combination of price, technical know-how and organizational structure to support the business at hand.

Mid-tier PCBA houses often offer the lowest total value proposition.  This especially true when you consider the need to be flexible and to provide that special touch during crunch time.  Check out what the industry contacts say.

BEI Electronics, LLC prides itself in being a flexible partner to our customers.  We are at every corner working with our OEM partners to ensure they are satisfying the end user.  BEI strives on excellence and provides complete service options including Box Build, Kan Bans, and Conformal Coating. We are the experts in this industry.   We have an in-house training center and IPC Trainer to ensure all our employees are fully IPC Compliant.  We have the latest SMT equipment that can place 0201 components and the highest quality performance staff in our Thru-hole Department. Give us a call, we promise you will not be disappointed!