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BEI ELECTRONICS, LLC is proud to announce the addition of advanced, high speed surface mount technology (SMT) assembly equipment from Kulicke & Soffa (K&S), incorporated into our production line in the spring of 2016.  The K&S solution supports the consistently increasing technological and throughput demands of our customer base, but can be quickly upgraded in place without re-arranging our line; all with world class quality in an easy to use platform.

SMTWith the industry’s most controlled placement process, the Flexline provides the highest assembly quality, <1 DPM.

The new SMT placement line increases the capability and capacity for BEI Electronics, LLC.

Incorporating equipment with the latest technological advancements provides more opportunities to ensure complex products that meet ever increasing technical standards, are manufactured faster and with improved accuracy and quality. This reduces the time it takes for products to get to market and gives a substantial competitive advantage to original equipment manufacturers.

With the increased rate of new technologies, BEI provides support for parts from 01005 through 45x45mm and heights to 15mm.SMT 2

The iX302 and iFlex T2 are an excellent solution, providing an unparalleled combination of quality, speed, and flexibility to our customers, every component, every assembly, every time.

With two high speed SMT lines BEI can reduce both NPI and production time on our printed circuit board assemblies.  Minimized movements, low wear, plus low maintenance reduce downtime and provide high reliability.  Continuous monitoring, pick through place, recision closed loop placement force control, means no impact force.

BEI can offer scalable capacity on demand, 01005 through 45x45x15mm, offline setup and long board support.

BEI Electronics, LLC is an innovative Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider. We focus on providing high quality electronic assemblies and providing exemplary customer service. BEI develops long term partnerships with its customers while remaining flexible to our customer’s ongoing and evolving needs. BEI has grown by providing high quality electronic assemblies, nimbly accommodating evolving customer requirements, and making intelligent investments in staff and equipment.

Our staff has decades of contract PC Board assembly and box build experience. Our automation along with our mastering of operational efficiency ensuring the best value add proposition for our customer. BEI offers the fastest time to market at competitive prices with full DFM support – NPI to full production.