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Electronics Manufacturing – Execution Excellence


At BEI Electronics, we build a vast array of technologies including

  • Precision Analog
  • High Speed Digital & Microprocessor / DSP
  • Linear
  • RF
  • High Voltage / Power

Surface Mount Assembly

With two high speed SMT lines, we’re able to quickly and accurately place parts as small as 0201’s and as large as 150mm QFP’s and BGA’s.  An AOI on each line verifies that the products are built to spec.  Learn More

Through Hole Assembly

Many high power, high reliability, and legacy products continue to be built with through hole components and BEI will continue to serve these customers with Automated Axial Insertion, Hand Assembly, Wave Soldering, Selective Soldering, and Hand Soldering.  Learn More


With products becoming more complicated every day, testing prior to shipment assists us in ensuring our high quality levels.  We employ several testing strategies to meet your needs and budget. Learn More

Conformal Coating & Potting

Having problems with performance or lifespan due to dust or moisture?  We can apply a variety of coatings or potting materials that can help meet your toughest performance goals. Learn More

Integration / Box Build

BEI has been supplying more than just PCBA’s to our customers for years.  Final and sub assemblies often contain one or more PCBA’s, modules, transformers relays, wiring / cable harnesses, and a plastic or metal case.  These are prime candidates for Dock to Stock and Drop Shipment programs.  Learn More

Have questions about how we can help with your product?  Please Contact Us to discuss