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PCB Assembly – Execution Excellence

From their conception by Thomas Edison and Albert Hanson in the early 1900’s, it took nearly 50 years for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) to become common in electronics.  The transformation from those early boards to current offerings has been nothing short of revolutionary.  With these advances in materials and capabilities have come increases in product capability and component density.  BEI’s manufacturing processes are continuously evolving to meet the technological needs of our customers and the products we manufacture for them.

Circuit Board

Assembly Options

  • Lead-Free or Leaded
  • Water Washable or No-Clean Pastes / Fluxes
  • Chip Epoxy

Surface Mount Assembly

  • Two high speed assembly lines
  • iX302 Parallel Placer & iFlex T2 Placer from Kulicke & Soffa (Assembleon)
  • Advantis AC-30S Chip Shooter & AX-7S Flex Placer from Universal Instruments
  • Chips, SOTs, SOICs,PLCCs, LCCs, QFPs, BGAs, QFNs, AL Caps, Connectors, Odd Form
  • Components from 01005 to 150mm on 8-108mm Tape or Waffle Trays
  • Offline Feeder Setup
  • Barcode Component Verification & Traceability
  • DEK Stencil Printers with Quik-Tool Supports
  • Omniflo & Conceptronics Ovens
  • Mirtec MV-2 & MV-3 AOIs
  • Direct Part Printing Process
  • VJ Electronicx Summit 750 BGA Station
  • Aqueous Tech SW-CLR Stencil Washer
  • In-House Q-Corporation Tape & Reel
  • Pemtron TROI 7700HL 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

Through Hole Assembly

  • Customer Focused Production Cells
  • Universal VCD Axial Insertion
  • Zierick Terminal Insertion
  • GPD, Hakko, & Custom Lead Forming Equipment
  • Electrovert Pb & Pb Free Wave Solder
  • Pillarhouse Selective Soldering
  • Hakko Solder Fountains
  • Wand 25 Ton Depaneling Press
  • FKN K5000 In-Line Continuous Depaneler