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  1. BEI AWARENESS – Chinese Holiday Schedule

    In the printed circuit board assembly world we are all very dependent on the Chinese holiday schedule.  At BEI Electronics we try to be as proactive as possible in planning around these disruptions to our schedule and thought it would a good idea to share the 2015/2016/2017 Chinese Holiday Schedule. 2015 / 2016 / 2017 Chinese Public Holiday Calendar Festival Date Legal Holidays 2015 days off 2016 days off 2017 days off New Year’s Day Jan. 1 1 day Jan. 1 – 3, 2015 Jan. 1 – 3, 2016 Dec. 31, 2016 – Jan. 2, 2017 Chinese New Year subject to the lunation 3 days (the first three days of the first lunar month) It falls on Feb. 19, 2015. The holiday is from Feb. 18 to 24. It falls on Feb. 8, 2016. The holiday is from Feb. 7 to 13. It falls on Jan. 28, 2017. The holiday is from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2. Women’s Day Mar. 8 half day for women half day of Mar. 8 half day of Mar. 8 half day of Mar. 8 Arbor Day Mar. 12 no days off no day-off no day-off no day-off Qingming Festival Apr. 4 or 5 1 day It falls on Apr. 5, 2015. The holiday is from Apr. 4...
  2. Box Build Assemblies – Extending Excellence

    Box Build Assemblies – Extending Excellence   Rarely is a product complete with the assembly of the circuit board alone, and that’s why BEI Electronics specializes in the integration of our products into finished goods. Our Box Build Assemblies include: Plastic or metal cases Wires, wire harnesses, cords Terminal Blocks Power Supplies Relays and contractors Switches and push buttons Sensors Identification and markings Documentation Individual packaging for sale Over packing for bulk shipments At BEI, our customers are our top priority and we believe in delivering high quality service through every process.  From materials management to engineering and manufacturing, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality printed circuit boards right here in the U.S.   Contact us today! 262-886-8800 www.beielectronics.com
  3. BEI is that Printed Circuit Board Assembly House!

    At BEI we know how difficult it is to find an EMS company that can effectively support your requirements – BEI is that Printed Circuit Board Assembly House! BEI is a Contract PC Board Manufacturer with the most sophisticated equipment – state of the art surface mount equipment, with the fastest run rates and most precision placement of components. We are a progressive, contract electronics PC Board manufacturer, with the staff that has decades of contract PC Board assembly experience. BEI also provides “Box Build” and value added assemblies Our automation along with our mastering of operational efficiencies, industry best ERP system, and our “go to the mat for our customers” employees have helped established BEI as a leading PCBA supplier. We are ISO 9001:200 and have tremendous Quality Programs Materials systems in place. • Outstanding total value proposition • The fastest time to market • Competitive prices • Highly automated manufacturing • Engineering and DFM support – NPI to Full Production Contact BEI and let our team show you how we do it right! Related posts: BEI Electronics is an expert at applying conformal coating to printed circuit board assemblies.
  4. BEI Electronics, LLC has innovative equipment

    BEI Electronics, LLC has just acquired a state of the art wave soldering machine, the Electrovert Vectra ES2 for the manufacturing of lead-free through hole product. This new machine will allow BEI to produce a high quality lead-free product at a faster rate. The comprehensive product recipe and menu system will make changeovers much quicker and setups more consistent from run to run. The configuration of 3 bottom side pre-heaters and 2 top side heaters will allow for more control of the pcb temperature during processing and the automated bar feeder will ensure that the solder level remains the same during the run to provide a more consistent quality product. The dual wave, standard lambda and optional rotary chip, will allow BEI the widest range of processing capabilities. The design of the Electrovert Vectra ES2 also features a full open up style and an external fluxer compartment for ease of maintenance and cleaning. The flow duct design has been improved to reduce dross generation and the automated roll-out with folding jacking stand reduce the time it takes to remove dross as well as reducing the overall footprint while the machine is in use. This machine is also outfitted with quick...
  5. BEI Sponsorship

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  6. Innovation, Service & Excellence

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  7. BEI, Relief From Your EC Headaches!

    BEI, Relief From Your EC Headaches! Example 1 BEI workcell personnel found an ill-fitting part (2.54mm vs 2.5mm spacing) Engineering confirmed as part number on customer BOM Engineering determined a suitable replacement within BEI Inventory Customer approved Documents updated, old parts recalled, new parts issued, product conformed on day 1 Example 2 Customer found a design bug in their product, put shipments on hold while determining fix BEI quarantined all non-conforming product from WIP and finished goods Customer advised BEI of all change details, all product must comply BEI evaluated impact, provided a quote, customer accepted All product was repaired and verified prior to final assembly and shipping Approximately 1 week from issue ID to shipping product Example 3 Customer advises BEI of a “next build” change BEI evaluated impact, provided a quote, customer accepted Customer ordered new revision, BEI updated all processes, documents, etc. Products all verified prior to building upper level assemblies Related posts: TOP TEN QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING YOUR ELECTRONICS CONTRACT MANUFACTURER BEI TESTING CAPABILITIES Headline- BEI Electronics, LLC Experiences Dramatic Growth Diversity Policy Commitment to Quality – On-Staff Certified IPC Trainer
  8. Headline- BEI Electronics, LLC Experiences Dramatic Growth

    Since a new ownership and management team took over BEI Electronics in October, 2008, the company has nearly doubled its customer base and, despite the great recession, sales have grown nearly 40%.  In addition sales in the first quarter of 2015 are up nearly 53% compared to the same time frame in 2014, as BEI forges to a record shipment year. “BEI’s strong, steady growth and our expanding footprint are a real tribute to our people, systems and internal capabilities”, reports Bill Rafferty, BEI’s President.  “BEI has established itself as a leading supplier of printed circuit board assemblies and box build designs in Wisconsin, Illinois, and the Midwest”, Rafferty reports. Recent investments in surface mount insertion equipment, through hole assembly,  and PCB test equipment, along with hiring the best and brightest in the EMS industry, have allowed BEI to offer its customers a great value added proposition and have fueled the company’s growth. BEI has a total commitment to quality, service, and technical excellence designed to exceed the expectation of our customers. We are passionate about our offering a great customer experience in PCBA/EMS.  BEI maintains the highest standards in every aspect of our business. Related posts: BEI TESTING CAPABILITIES...

    Today’s cutting edge products have tougher performance requirements than ever before. Testing in the EMS/Printed Circuit Board Assembly world is a critical step to ensure a quality product is delivered to the customer. The trend in Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) technology is towards higher complexity with significantly more components and solder joints.   These extra components and solder joints mean many more defect opportunities, lower overall yields, and additional scrap.  Smaller components increase the challenge to correctly place them on the PCB.   Time to market pressures and requirements to ramp up volume necessitate  the need for a test and inspection strategy addressing all these trends. From the most simple continuity / isolation test to a multi-phase test plan, BEI offers a full array of options to meet your product’s requirements. Continuity / Isolation Hi-Pot Functional  Agilent 3070 Series III ICT  Takaya APT-9411E Flying Probe Tescon Point 88 Manufacturing Defect Analyzer Trek ICOM 5000 Ionic Contamination Testing VJ Electronix X1550 X-Ray 100% Unit Coverage Sample In-Process Verification Programming of JTAG, Flash & EEPROM Devices Performance Data Logging Let the BEI team sit down with to develop an all encompassing test strategy. Related posts: BEI Electronics is an expert at applying conformal...

    Is the EMS provider financially stable?  – In most cases, the EMS provider provides a turnkey solution, including purchasing and inventorying parts from the customer bill of material.  The last thing the end user wants is to have the material pipeline interrupted due to financial problems because of the EMS provider.  This scenario causes delays and can take months to work through.  BEI Electronics is financially stable in all aspects related to vendors and customers. Do they have the required operator certifications to build my product?  – Here are some of BEI’s qualifications: Certified IPC Specialists – IPC-A-610 Workmanship, J-STD-001 Soldering, IPC 7711/7211 Rework and Repair.  Certified IPC Trainer on staff. What quality system certification do they posses?  – BEI has ISO 9001:2008, Per contract negotiations BEI conducts formal PPAP processes and documentation  What is their PCB assembly environment like?   – BEI Electronics, LLC has a super clean well laid out factory.  This is not only a sign of the discipline necessary to ensure a quality product is delivered, but it a great indicator whether the manufacturing partnership will flourish through time.  Also does the PCBA house employ 5S initiatives? This represents a solid process throughout the company. How is...