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  1. BEI Electronics is an expert at applying conformal coating to printed circuit board assemblies.

    Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating or polymer film that ‘conforms’ to the circuit board topology. The purpose of conformal coating is to protect PCBA’s from harsh environments that may contain moisture and or chemical contaminants. By being electrically insulating, it maintains longterm surface insulation resistance (SIR) levels and thus ensures the operational integrity of the assembly. It also provides a barrier to airborne contaminants thus preventing corrosion. The protective nature of conformal coatings also means that they not only protect, but also serve to enhance product reliability and thereby reduce the potential cost and damaging effects of early field failures. Conformal coatings are a breathable protective layers that will protect against the particular environment requirement but will also allow any moisture trapped in the circuit board to escape. The particular advantages of conformal coatings can be summarized as follows: *Insulating properties allow a reduction in PCB conductor spacing of over 80% *Can help eliminate the need for complex, sophisticated enclosures *Light weight *Completely protect the assembly against chemical and corrosive attack *Eliminate potential performance degradation due to environmental hazards *Minimize environmental stress on a PCB assembly To be effective, conformal coating should completely cover the assembly and provide good coverage of sharp edges (components and component leads) and other...
  2. Design For Electronics Manufacturing

    BEI has been assisting customers with Design For Manufacturing for over 20 years. By ensuring our customer’s printed circuit board assemblies follow the latest design guidelines and technologies we help reduce the risk of production problems down the road. As DFM is constantly evolving our engineers invest a great deal of time keeping up with the latest Printed Circuit Board Assembly trends and technologies in the Electronic Manufacturing Service industry. The design stage is very important in product design. If DFM guidelines are not followed, it will result loss of manufacturing time and a delay in time to market. Since the design phase is the least expensive place to address potential Printed Circuit Board Assembly issue our technical staff will work with you to ensure potential problems are caught upfront. Selecting a PCBA Contract Manufacturer is a critical decision. It is important to select an EMS provider who offers a complete solution from the initial printed circuit board NPI, to box build, to conformal coating. The BEI engineering team will take your complete documentation package consisting of the bill of material, assembly drawings, gerber files, schematics and CAD data and transform them into a final product built to your specifications....
  3. BEI Celebrates 10 Years of Being an IPC Member

    BEI Electronics is proudly celebrating our tenth year of being an IPC Member facility. Our membership investment shows our commitment to continuous improvement, staying current with the changing technology and standards, networking with industry professionals, and access to standards and trade shows.   OUR PROMISE TO YOU   At BEI Electronics we promise to: Continuously seek improvement opportunities Provide a high technology solution to customer needs Enhance Quality though consistent assembly techniques Utilize the best manufacturing equipment and processes Provide capabilities that match customer needs Related posts: Contract Manufacturing Customer Service Selecting The Right PCB Assembly / EMS Provider Diversity Policy Commitment to Quality – On-Staff Certified IPC Trainer
  4. LED Revolutionary Technology

    BEI Electronics, LLC is experienced in the production/assembly of LED based circuit boards. LED introduction has caused a revolutionary change in the traditional lighting industry.  The efficiency gained in LED Technology will continue to drive lower cost, longer life and never-ending creativity. The LED industry utilizes breakthrough technology opening a vast array of new products that didn’t exist just a few years ago; a technology that is managed by LED printed circuit boards. Some applications that require LED based circuit boards: Street lighting Headlights Traffic and signal lighting   Please feel free to contact BEI Electronics to discuss your next or on-going applications. Related posts: Contract Manufacturing Customer Service Commitment to Quality – On-Staff Certified IPC Trainer
  5. Reshoring

    BEI Electronics supports the Reshoring Initiative Mission. The mission of the Reshoring Initiative is to bring good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States by assisting companies to more accurately assess their total cost of offshoring, and shift collective thinking from offshoring is cheaper to local reduces the total cost of ownership. Why Reshore The massive U.S. trade deficit is a major cause of the decline of U.S. manufacturing over the past several decades, the high unemployment rate and debilitating budget deficit. Domestic suppliers have watched as large manufacturers have offshored work and well-paying jobs. Offshoring ultimately contributes to waste and instability. Reshoring is an efficient way to reduce imports, increase exports and regain manufacturing jobs in the United States. It’s also the fastest and most efficient way to strengthen the U.S. economy. For the nation, reshoring brings back desirable jobs that have been lost to decades of offshoring. Reshoring also helps manufacturers recover from offshoring’s poor quality, trade secret thefts, supply chain disruptions and lengthy delivery times — all while staying cost competitive. To read more follow the link: Reshoring Initiative Related posts: Diversity Policy
  6. Diversity Policy

    BEI Electronics is dedicated to upholding the standards within the Electronic Component Industry.  Our employees sustain a higher level of excellence, quality, trust and commitment which creates a lasting partnership with our customers.  This mission is achieved through diversity and inclusiveness. BEI believes that personal diversity in all its aspects is essential to the accomplishment of our mission.  Diversity symbolizes all those differences that make us unique individuals and includes people of different race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, personal style, appearance, and physical ability as well as people of diverse opinions, perspectives, lifestyles, ideas and thinking.  The company benefits from the creativity and innovation that result when employees who have different experiences and cultures work together.  We value the differences in opinions and the varied experiences that are part of a diverse organization.  BEI believes that a diverse work force expands our knowledge, skills and understanding which in turn, enables the company to respond to our customers. BEI is committed to creating and maintaining a culture that promotes and supports diversity not only throughout our organization, but in the Electronic Component Industry as well. Related posts: Contract Manufacturing Customer Service Commitment to Quality – On-Staff Certified IPC...
  7. Heart Walk 2013-2014

    BEI Electronics, LLC’s Team Page for Heart Walk 2013-2014 Racine WI Saturday, October 19th, 2013 Racine Festival Park Registration starts at 9:00 am Opening Ceremonies begin at 10:00 am 1 & 3 Mile Walking Routes Event will end at Noon
  8. Commitment to Quality – On-Staff Certified IPC Trainer

    Commitment to Quality – On-Staff Certified IPC Trainer BEI Electronics, LLC (BEI) is committed to continuous improvement regarding the workmanship levels of all our employees as well as providing our customers with the confidence that their EMS provider has the skills and certifications necessary to produce their products efficiently. That is why BEI has invested in an on-staff Certified IPC Trainer that is skilled in IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, and IPC 7711/7721. We want our employees to possess the skills, knowledge, and techniques that are required to manufacture and service the most demanding products in the industry. To achieve this valued IPC Certification, BEI invests in our customer’s future by providing an industry accepted, recognized, and traceable training programs that ensure our employees and customers remain on the cutting edge of standards and techniques that are approved for our industry. Employees are required to maintain certification every two years. Certification includes an in-depth IPC standard review as well as many hands-on workmanship labs that are conducted in our in-house training center. No certification is complete without a formal workmanship lab and written test that is graded by our instructor. BEI’s dedication and commitment to providing high quality electronics assemblies is one of...
  9. Selecting The Right PCB Assembly / EMS Provider

    Selecting a PCBA Contract Manufacturer is an important decision.  It is a marriage between two companies and it is essential that the relationship between the OEM and EMS provider is open and strong.  There are bound to be challenges but a strong partnership will always pull through.  It is critical that both parties have the same ultimate goal, providing a quality product that adds value for everyone involved. There are many factors involved in selecting an EMS provider and it is important to decide upfront what is important for your company.  OEM’s should not look at just price, they need to look at the total proposition.  How will the contract manufacturer respond if there is a difficult issue?  Is there a system in place to support quick turn prototypes?  Is the Printed Circuit Board Assembly house flexible?  Does the PCB Contract Manufacturer act as a true partner?  Do they provide turn-key solutions and have the correct internal technical and commercial expertise skills and systems? If an OEM shops strictly on price they could pay for it in the end.  The best CM’s have well established material pipelines and quality processes.  Low cost CM’s often drop their initial price but don’t...
  10. Contract Manufacturing Customer Service

    As of this May, I will have been involved in the electronics industry for 30 years and I have seen many fads come and go. I believe the need for solid and reliable customer service will always be a staple of any business relationship. At BEI Electronics, LLC we believe that dependable customer service for a contract manufacturer involved in the printed circuit board assembly business is a key to success. It is largely assumed that Electronic Manufacturer Service providers are ISO certified and have the latest Surface Mount and Thru-Hole equipment. What often gets lost is providing customers with world class customer service and support. In today’s world of email and twitter, personal and direct communications are often forgotten. At BEI Electronics, LLC, we pride ourselves in supplying our customers and partners with service excellence. We understand that we are your factory and we take that very seriously. Our customers trust us to help them service their customers. The BEI staff will work directly with you to understand what your needs are and we will develop individual plans designed specifically to fit your needs. Our industry proven engineering group will ensure that your bill of materials are rock solid...