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Jewel Box – 70T Real-time X-ray Inspection System

BEI Electronics, LLC is always striving to provide its customers with the latest in printed circuit board assembly and surface mount assembly technology.  We are pleased to announce the addition of a Jewel Box – 70T Real-time X-ray Inspection System.  The JewelBox-70T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system’s high-resolution x-ray camera and 10-micron MicroTech™ x-ray source provide magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.

Glenbrook’s unique x-ray camera technology captures x-ray images with relatively low kV x-ray emission. The ability to manipulate the subject with the five-axis positioner and simultaneously view it from any angle allows the operator to produce accurate images quickly during failure analysis.

The Jewel Box 70T Real Time X-ray System

  • Contains an 80 KV, 10 Micron focal spot X-ray tube for up to 500x geometric and 1,200x optical magnification.
  • Allows X-Y-Z movement, rotation, and tilt with joystick positioning.
  • GTI-5000 Image Processor Software with USB Frame Grabber.
  • Provides 2-256 frame averaging, manual and automatic contrast adjustment, X Y measurement, text, labeling, markers, 3D rendering, split screen viewing, video recording, and image download.
  • Includes Auto-BGA Analysis to measure BGA ball size, ball roundness and void size.

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