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BEI Electronics, LLC has innovative equipment

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IMG_1698BEI Electronics, LLC has just acquired a state of the art wave soldering machine, the Electrovert Vectra ES2 for the manufacturing of lead-free through hole product. This new machine will allow BEI to produce a high quality lead-free product at a faster rate. The comprehensive product recipe and menu system will make changeovers much quicker and setups more consistent from run to run. The configuration of 3 bottom side pre-heaters and 2 top side heaters will allow for more control of the pcb temperature during processing and the automated bar feeder will ensure that the solder level remains the same during the run to provide a more consistent quality product. The dual wave, standard lambda and optional rotary chip, will allow BEI the widest range of processing capabilities. The design of the Electrovert Vectra ES2 also features a full open up style and an external fluxer compartment for ease of maintenance and cleaning. The flow duct design has been improved to reduce dross generation and the automated roll-out with folding jacking stand reduce the time it takes to remove dross as well as reducing the overall footprint while the machine is in use. This machine is also outfitted with quick connect plugs and jacks for all of the pre-heaters and the solderpot to allow for plug and play re-configuration down the road if necessary, for instance changing to radiant pre-heaters or a leaded swappable solder pot. All of these features were carefully selected by our engineering team to provide the widest range of solutions to our customers while still having the ability to adapt to their needs in the future. We look forward to tackling whatever lead-free wave soldering challenges you may have.