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At BEI Electronics LLC all employees are fully trained and involved in our extensive Quality Assurance Plan. We know that producing a world class printed circuit board or box build assembly requires total commitment from our material procurement systems, to inventory/kitting, to surface mount production and thru-hole, to mid and final test steps.

The purpose of our Quality System –

  • Demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product and/or services that meet or exceed our customer and regulatory requirements
  • Aims to enhance overall customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality system
  • Aims to reduce variation in our processes through process controls and consistent processes

Our employees are taught –

  • Continuous Improvement
    • Is a never ending journey
    • We reflect on the past and march forward toward the future
    • We learn along the way
    • Emphasis on Excellence
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Without our customers, we have no business and we have no TEAM

Our Continuous Improvement Plan follows the PDCA Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) –

Plan to improve your operations first by finding out what things are going wrong and come up with ideas for solving these problems.

Do changes designed to solve the problems on a small or experimental scale first. This minimizes disruption to routine activity while testing whether the changes will work or not.

Check whether the changes are achieving the desired result or not. Also, continuously check key inspection activities to ensure that you know what the quality of the output is at all times to identify any new problems when they crop up.

Act to implement changes on a larger scale if the experiment is successful. This means making the changes a routine part of your process. Also Act to involve other persons (other departments, suppliers, or customers) affected by the changes and whose cooperation you need to implement them on a larger scale, or those who may simply benefit from what you have learned (you may, of course, already have involved these people in the “Do” stage).

Build it right the first time

  • Understand your role and responsibility in the process.
  • Because…rework only costs more money!

Quality at the source

  • Control the inputs to the process
  • Control the process itself and monitor the output (consistent set-up and build practices)
  • Understand you have internal AND external customers
  • Take pride in your work!