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Current Market Trends & Lead Times

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Current Market Trends & Lead Times

August 30, 2018

Dear Customer,

As we are all aware, material lead times and allocations have been quite challenging over the past eighteen months.  BEI/Slingshot have increased resources and planning efforts to help our customers manage through this difficult period.  BEI has received industry updates stating this allocation environment could continue through 2020.  This includes potential price increases.

It appears the capacitor lead time trend is holding with the exception being tantalum cap lead times—which are increasing. This is likely due to engineers starting to spec tantalum caps in place of ceramic parts that are currently heavily allocated.

The good news is that resistor lead-times are holding steady. Also, there are no dramatic lead time increases with discrete components or other semiconductors.

It is imperative that we work together to plan for continued part challenges.  Please contact your BEI/Slingshot Account Manager to discuss potential options, or to discuss the industry reports we have from various resources.


Best regards,

Kevin Rafferty


BEI Electronics, LLC