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  1. Is the EMS provider financially stable?  – In most cases, the EMS provider provides a turnkey solution, including purchasing and inventorying parts from the customer bill of material.  The last thing the end user wants is to have the material pipeline interrupted due to financial problems because of the EMS provider.  This scenario causes delays and can take months to work through.  BEI Electronics is financially stable in all aspects related to vendors and customers.
  2. Do they have the required operator certifications to build my product?  – Here are some of BEI’s qualifications: Certified IPC Specialists – IPC-A-610 Workmanship, J-STD-001 Soldering, IPC 7711/7211 Rework and Repair.  Certified IPC Trainer on staff.
  3. What quality system certification do they posses?  – BEI has ISO 9001:2008, Per contract negotiations BEI conducts formal PPAP processes and documentation
  4.  What is their PCB assembly environment like?   – BEI Electronics, LLC has a super clean well laid out factory.  This is not only a sign of the discipline necessary to ensure a quality product is delivered, but it a great indicator whether the manufacturing partnership will flourish through time.  Also does the PCBA house employ 5S initiatives? This represents a solid process throughout the company.
  5. How is information managed by the Electronics Contract Manufacturer?  –  From the beginning RFQ, to order processing, manufacturing, delivery, and post ship, how a EMS supplier manages information is of utmost importance.  Are the proper processes in place?  Does the printed circuit board assembly house have customer focus teams?  Do they offer a quarterly business review?  Do they run audits with their vendors?  Are the proper quality procedures in place.  Do they offer a design for manufacturability  review during introduction phase?  All of these questions need to be audited and reviewed.  These are all current practices/procedures that BEI Electronics, LLC adhere to.
  6.  What equipment set does your EMS Provider use? – A Printed Circuit Board Assembly house needs to ensure its customers employ the latest equipment and is keeping up with emerging technology.  Ask the EMS house to provide an equipment list.  BEI Electronics LLC has state of the art equipment to fulfill all your orders.
  7.  How transparent are they? – The customer needs to research EMS Providers who consider their factory to be the customer’s factory.  The customer should have an open invitation to visit at a moments notice. BEI Electronics offers on-site tours.
  8.  Are they willing to give references? – Insist on obtaining references on the quality of work. BEI Electronics, LLC has a list of references ready per your request.
  9.  How strong is their inventory management process? – Ensure you review the EMS provider’s inventory system from the moment components enter the building to when the finished product leaves the shipping dock. At BEI Electronics, our partnerships and years of experience have enabled us to specialize in materials management. We have the resources available to locate parts and materials for your project.
  10.  Technical competency? – DFM, Cost Reductions (process improvements, waste elimination, redesign for better cost, component crosses/alternates) are all services offered by BEI Electronics, LLC.