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United States Trade Representative, Section 301, Trade Act of 1974

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Dear Valued Customer,

First of all thank you for being a loyal and valued customer.  In a proactive manner we want to keep you updated on the recent industry news regarding tariffs.

The teams at BEI Electronics, LLC and SlingShot Assembly, LLC, have been closely tracking the United States Trade Representative, Section 301 tariff changes and the impact to our customers.

While no specific information has been provided and we don’t yet know what parts will be impacted, we have been getting ahead of the issue by contacting our common vendors to understand their strategies in handling these tariffs.  In the very near future we should be able to share with you the parts on the tariff list, so we can jointly create a working plan.

Rest assured, we will continue to provide you with the best quality service as we manage together the challenges created by these difficult industry challenges.


Best regards,

Kevin Rafferty

Vice- President

BEI Electronics, LLC