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Voice activation solutions help Robbie Ivey live Unlimited

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BEI Electronics Community Outreach

As part of BEI Electronics’ community outreach program we are proud to have participated in a voice activation project to assist Robbie Ivey—an 18 year old man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)—and his mother, Carrie.  BEI Electronics, a contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards, and our partner, CRV Electronics, a manufacturer of electrical wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, joined forces to support Bill Weis in creating a solution to assist Robbie in his everyday life.

Bill, a volunteer who works with the MDA, created a solution to voice activate not only Robbie’s bed, but his entire room.  BEI and CRV helped with the printed circuit board assembly and cable harness following Bill’s instructions.

I’ve regained independence by being able to control all the things in my room that I use every day”

Robbie Ivey

A key requirement for Robbie, because of his limited mobility, is that all things must be controlled by voice alone. Bill and his team were able to meet all Robbie’s requirements to voice activate areas of his room as well as his entertainment using Google Home, Chromecast Ultra, and a Logitech Harmony Hub. With these devices, Robbie can control the fan, lights, his bed, turn the TV on and off, adjust volume, mute the TV, change channels, watch programs and movies on Netflix as well as on the blue ray player and call his mother’s cell phone —all using voice-only commands.

BEI was honored to have the opportunity to work along with CRV to make Robbie’s dreams unlimited.



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